Antojos, is a story about a woman named Yolanda who was born in the Dominican Republic and grew up in the United States. Yolanda travels back to her homeland to visit her aunts and search for her antojos, or craving. Her aunts are shocked and worried about her decision to travel alone into the North. They try to dissuade her from going, but Yolanda does not listen.
Yolanda travels into the North by herself, where she comes across many poor towns and eventually a small Cantina where she stops to ask for help in finding her antojos. The small children from the village finally point her in the right direction; a remote location in the countryside. Yolanda and a few of the children travel in Yolanda's car into the country where she finds what she is looking for. Yolanda also finds herself in trouble when her car gets a flat tire. She and one of the boys, Jose, are helpless and alone in the middle of nowhere. Jose runs back to town to find help. While Yolanda waits alone, two unexpected men appear on the road. Yolanda is horrified and her body freezes up. In the end, the two men are luckily not what Yolanda had expected; they are kind and help fix her car.
Throughout Yolanda's journey she is in search if her antojos, which leads her to be faced with difficult and dangerous situations. Yolanda is also confronted by the different cultures and way of life she once left behind and finds herself unable to remember alot of the Spanish language, making communication very hard.